Constant Nobody reviewed at The Miramichi Reader

“nothing falls outside the scope of Michelle Butler Hallett’s huge talent. In this novel she explores the psychology of fear as few are able and does so with absolute confidence. Temerity West and Kostya Nikto emerge into the reader’s mind fully formed: enduring, breathing, anguished individuals with richly contradictory, troubled inner lives.”

Ian Colford writes a thoughtful review of Constant Nobody at The Miramichi Reader.

What is Constant Nobody?

Feminist fiction.

Historical fiction.

Literary fiction.

Spy fiction.

And a complicated love story.

Constant Nobody is set mostly in Moscow in 1937, during the Great Purge. NKVD officer Kostya Nikto is hiding British SIS agent Temerity West in his flat.

Politically, they’re enemies.

Kostya should have killed Temerity weeks before.

Instead, he wants to protect her.

Temerity, astonished by the risks Kostya is taking, confronts the fact she is trapped.

And so is he.

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