How to “Be” a Writer and other wisdom from Lynn Coady

I am embarrassed. I know Lynn Coady’s name. I’ve read her in the Globe and Mail, or at least I did til I cancelled my subscription. (Ms Coady was one of the few voices in the G&M that didn’t scream “I am a smart sophisticated person living in Toronto, so bow before me, backwoods dunce” at me. ) And damn it, I keep meaning to read her books. But haven’t. So, I’m embarrassed.

But I can say she writes a great blog:  How To “Be” A Writer. Kicks the arses of lies and bullshit.

(Note to self: buy Coady’s books. She’s honest, and cusses alot. )


2 thoughts on “How to “Be” a Writer and other wisdom from Lynn Coady

  1. Are you embarrassed not to have read (but you may have) Mati Unt or Thomas Bernhard or Rumi or whoever? Nothing makes Lynn Coady special, for if, as you say in your most recent post, everyone worked hard to write something, then they’re all equal, in that way. Not reading this or that person isn’t a hanging offence. Go a little easy on yourself.

  2. I swim in shame for all the books I’ve not read — a bit theatrical-sounding, but accurate. I need to detach from the Luciferian delusion that I possibly could, or even need to, know everything. (faints on couch, hand over forehead, bosom heaving)

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